Perfect body and face oval lifting with Exilis Elite


BTL Exilis Elite technology guarantees a non-invasive face and body contouring and lifting effect without scalpels, pain, and discomfort. The procedure combines radio frequency (RF) and ultrasound (US) impact to achieve a long-lasting sculpting effect. 

Exilis Elite solution is used to effectively tighten sagging skin and smooth out wrinkles, reduce the amount of fat in particularly "stubborn" areas of the body, as well as in anti-cellulite therapy.

During the procedure, the subcutaneous tissues are heated at a temperature of +40C - + 42C to a depth of 2.5 cm. The Exilis Elite system automatically monitors and regulates the temperature during the procedure, ensuring maximum comfort.

- The heat stimulates the synthesis of collagen and elastin, the active substances contributing to natural skin tightening.
The effect of precisely targeted heat accelerates the breakdown of fat – as the amount of fat cells decreases, the layer of fat shrinks.

The procedure is suitable in the following cases:

- after rapid weight loss or pregnancy, to regain skin tone and firm body contours;
- if signs of ageing become apparent (even if you do not suffer from excess weight) – sagging of the face oval, “turkey neck”, wrinkled knees, drooping skin on the upper arms and the abdomen;
- when there is a need to improve the tone and texture of inelastic skin.


contouring of the body;
- skin lifting;
- improvement of the tone and texture of the skin;
- facial skin rejuvenation;
reduction of cellulite;
- smoothing of the wrinkles;
- an anti-aging effect.



Areas, where the procedure can be carried out:

Whole body: face, eye area, neck, décolleté, arms, abdomen, back, sides, legs, knees, buttocks.

Duration of the course:

The duration of the course of procedures depends on the specific body area, skin condition, age of the client and the aesthetic goal to be achieved. An obvious effect is visible already after the first procedure. The complete result will be strengthened within 3 months after the course of procedures and will last up to 18 months.

For a stable result, a course of 4 procedures with an interval of 1 week is recommended.


A perfect combination 

Exilis Elite is suitable for both facial and body procedures, and it can also be combined with other aesthetic medical procedures: 
- X-Wave
– shock wave therapy
- LPG - endermology
- Lymphatic drainage – variable air pressure therapy
- Vacuum massage – glass cup massage therapy 

The course of the procedure:

- an applicator is placed on the area to be treated and a cooling contact gel or special oil is applied;
- pleasant warmth is felt during the procedure, similar to the effect of hot stone massage;
- you can immediately continue your daily routine after the procedure;
- it is recommended to take at least 2–3 litres of fluids daily during 1–3 days after the procedure.

Preparation for the procedure:

- take enough fluids before the procedure – if the system applicator shows signs of dehydration, it will not be possible to perform the procedure;
choose comfortable clothes.

Restrictions on performance of the procedure:

- pregnancy and breastfeeding;
- cardiovascular diseases;
- metal implants;
- acute illness and inflammation;
skin diseases.