During the 20th century life expectancy of a person has almost doubled. We live longer and therefore experience more age-related health issues. The goal of the Anti-Aging Institute is not only to delay ageing, but also to help live a dignified life throughout senior years.

Gerontology is a multidisciplinary field related to the physical, mental and social aspects of ageing.

As people age, they face various challenges – health issues, changes in their physical and mental abilities, changes regarding social role in society.

The main task of a gerontologist is to take care of the health and quality of life of an elderly patient, considering all age-related changes, not only separate diseases and symptoms.


The most common issues and diseases of elderly people:

  • Cardiovascular diseases,
  • High blood pressure,
  • Stroke,
  • Diabetes,
  • Dementia,
  • Depression,
  • Malignant tumours,
  • COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease),
  • Arthritis, osteoporosis,
  • Blurred vision,
  • Hearing impairment,
  • Incontinence.

The mission of the Anti-Aging field is to encourage society to be proactive before reaching old age. However elderly patients and their relatives mostly seek help of a gerontologist in cases of already acute issues. The specialists of the Anti-Aging Institute provide preventive health-plans as well as the measures for the existing geriatric issues.