Health is closely related to functioning of the human digestive tract. A healthy intestinal microbiota (the totality of microorganisms normally found in the human intestinal tract) affects the well-being, health and looks. There is a link between the state of the gastrointestinal tract and the brain (GBA), muscle (GMA) and skin (GSA) functions.

As the person ages, the risk of developing diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, including cancer, increases. To achieve the goal of Anti-Ageing medicine – a long and healthy life, gastroenterologists emphasise the importance of preventing various diseases (chronic inflammatory diseases, stomach cancer, colon cancer, healthy intestinal microbiota). It means timely consultations, examinations, and preventive and treatment measures.




A consultation of a gastroenterologist is required:

  • For everyone after the age of 45,
  • If you or your family members have had gastrointestinal diseases, chronic inflammation or cancer,
  • In case of disturbing symptoms (vomiting, bloated belly, constipation, loose stool, etc.),
  • If you have noted unexpected weight loss,
  • If changes in blood tests are found, anaemia, changes in the liver, pancreas findings,
  • If you have sedentary, static, hard work,
  • If you eat irregularly, in a hurry, have dreary diet,
  • If you regularly take medicines, have taken a course of antibiotics, have been taking acid lowering drugs for a long time,
  • In case of food allergies and intolerances,
  • Before consulting a nutritionist,
  • In cases of chronic dermatological problems (rosacea, acne, herpetiform dermatitis, erythema nodosa, gangrenous pyoderma, etc.).

Forehanded consultation of a gastroenterologist can help to identify and reduce the risk factors of severe diseases, including precancerous conditions.


  • Gastroenterologist's consultation,
  • Assessment and correction of the digestive system before consulting a nutritionist and nutrition therapy, before dermatological, cosmetology and aesthetic procedures,
  • Consultations on leaky gut syndrome, diagnosis and correction of dysfunctional axis of the intestines and brain,
  • Breathing tests for hydrogen, methane and C13,
  • Lactotest,
  • Microbiome,
  • Genetic and immunological examination,
  • Microbiome identification (16S, rRNA, methogenome sequencing),
  • Blood and stool tests,
  • Diagnosis of absorption disorders, intestinal transit disorders and Helicobacter,
  • Examinations of the digestive organs (endoscopic examinations, ultrasound, X-rays),
  • Consultations on faecal microbiota transplantation (in case of Cl. difficile infection).
  • Specialised store.

Please note: During the consultation, the gastroenterologist may recommend additional examinations necessary for correcting the diet in cooperation with a nutrition specialist, prescribe medicines and food supplements (prebiotics, probiotics) to treat diseases and reduce symptoms.

Before consulting a gastroenterologist, you should pay attention to:

  • Past diseases (including infections), surgeries and injuries,
  • Cases of severe diseases in the family,
  • Characteristic of lifestyle and nutrition.