Skin anti-aging and rejuvenation procedures "Age element"

We offer Anti-Aging Institute customers excellent anti-aging treatments with innovative “Age element” products (“Mesoestetic Pharma Group”, Spain) for face, neck and décolleté. 

“Age-element” is an effective, non-invasive procedure that surpasses the care masks and serums available at cosmetologists so far. By choosing the most suitable “Age-element” product complex for each client, it is possible to improve skin tone, elasticity, reduce pigmentation, eliminate the first signs of aging, improve skin structure and restore a sagging face oval. All this is achieved without injections, complicated manipulations and excessive time consumption. 

The development of Age-element products is based on the latest research on the factors of epigenetic aging - the way our genes respond to external influences (bacteria, viruses, radioactivity, air pollution, emissions, etc.). In youth, the gene response (expression) to these irritants is more rapid - the cells are immediately given an accurate signal to synthesize regenerative and protective factors (proteins). The skin response and regeneration is fast and high quality. Unfortunately, over the years, the speed and quality of these reactions decrease and effective care procedures become necessary. Thanks to scientific advances, “Age-element” preparations provide an effect equivalent to the power of youth, which is able to protect and improve the structure of the skin.

The effect of “Age element” complex:

  • prolongs cell viability;
  • provides protection at the cellular level;
  • increases the resistance of cells to oxidative stress;
  • maintains the mechanism of cell regeneration at an optimal level.


"Age element" treatment complex includes cleansing gel, peeling, serum (various types), face masks. The procedure is adapted to each client, choosing the most suitable serum for the specific case. During the procedure, the specialist prepares the client's skin, mixes the necessary components of the complex, applies them and gently massages them into the skin. Each step of the procedure enhances its effects.

The effect of "Age element" is immediate, but to get a long-lasting result, it is recommended to take five courses of procedures once a week.

Effects of “Age element” sera:

  • intensive moisturizing, nourishing and rejuvenating the skin: “Redensifying booster” serum  - SmartCell complex, a combination of four molecules of different sizes of hyaluronic acid, nourishing complex of kupuasu, macadamia butter and avocado oil;
  • lifting effect, firm oval of the face: “Firming booster” serum with Celltech-Goji stem cell extract and [meso] lift complex - plant protein complex;
  • healthy skin tone and radiance, reduction of the first signs of aging: “Brightening booster” serum with keratolytic effect - phytic acid, vitamin C, niacinamide;
  • reduction of wrinkles and facial expressions: “Anti-wrinkle booster” serum with peptide and the patented chronoprotect™ system.