Anti-Aging for Men over 45

Many males of this age experience andropause - changes caused by the composition and amount of blood hormones. The changes caused by andropause are not always associated with this term, however, they exist.
The positive and negative health-affecting factors experienced during life are being pronouncedly reflected in the body.

Being physically fit requires increasing amount of effort:

  • Muscle mass continues to reduce;
  • The body weight continues to grow.

Skin care and protection requires increased attention:

  • As the skin structure changes, it becomes thinner and loses elasticity – the facial wrinkles become more pronounced, the skin becomes floppy;
  • Natural protection against UV rays weakens and the risk of skin cancer increases.

Loss of hair at this age period increases, the hair becomes thinner and grey, deterioration of vision is also common.

Although the fertility of a male after 45 declines, in most cases it does not disappear completely. The man can still become a father.