Anti-Aging for Women over 45

An important change in the womans body after the age of 45 is the menopause. This process may last for several years. Thanks to the competence of the professionals specialising in the sector and constant development of medicine, the period of change may pass without excess discomfort.

As the time passes, keeping good physical shape becomes increasingly more difficult:

  • Metabolism rate declines; 
  • The layer of waist and abdominal fat increases;
  • Muscle tone reduces;
  • Skin elasticity disappears.

Facial oval and countenance changes:

  • Cheeks start merging with the chin line and become floppy – the skin loses its sharp contour;
  • Corners of the mouth and eyelids slide downwards;
  • The nose bends downwards;
  • The upper lip becomes thinner, the lower lip – grows thicker.

! Pronounced changes of facial skin structure occur, the skin becomes thinner, more sensitive and rough. Skin pigmentation increases. Dark areas and bags under the eyes become more pronounced and constant. Natural protection against UV rays weakens and the risk of skin cancer increases rapidly.

Hair and nail structure also undergoes fast changes during this period:

  • The hair grows thinner;
  • The nails become thicker and ridges on them appear.