Anti-Aging for Women from 35 to 45

After the age of 35, the condition of the skin, hair and facial oval continues to change.

  • The tone of facial and eyelid area muscles and skin declines – the skin starts losing its regular contours, the facial features start looking sharper and floppier, the skin around the chin becomes looser, the eyelids become heavier;
  • The skin of the face, as well as of the body becomes thinner, drier and loses firmness – the wrinkles and “crow’s feet” become more pronounced, cellulite appears;
  • The hair starts turning grey;
  • Appearance of skin pigmentation is possible;
  • Tiny blood vessels get dilated;
  • The oiliness of skin increases;
  • Upper lip hair starts developing more intensively.

It is time to start targeted resolution of aesthetic problems by consulting a specialist and using efficient procedures of aesthetic medicine. Application of long-term and natural effect measures instead of masking short-term solutions is recommended.

Time brings changes not only in our appearance, but in health condition as well:

  • Bone density starts reducing;
  • Metabolism rate declines;
  • Muscle tone reduces slightly;
  • Vision declines slightly;
  • Disorders in hormonal balance are possible;
  • Fertility decreases;
  • Risk of encountering gynaecological problems increases.

Regular health checks must become a part of a healthy life rhythm.