Anti-Aging for Women

The average life expectancy of a woman is by 5 years longer than that of a man. There are several studies that propose theories about better capacity of Y chromosomes to resist mutations, while other theories are oriented to the fact that woman are just better coping with stress. Whatever the reason, the World Health Organisation recognises that the fact of the average life expectancy of women being 5 years longer compared to men is an established fact of current time.

On the other hand - hormonal aging of a woman starts by approximately 5-8 years earlier. Thus, the representatives of the fair sex see the signs of aging in their mirrors earlier. If these signs are neglected, the mirror may soon become useless, because the quality of life will also change on the level of physical well-being and on emotional level. In contrast to men, these changes occur gradually, until “THAT” age comes, which introduces the transition to the phase of beautiful old age. Furthermore, ladies are usually more conscientious; of course, the role of a woman in her care for family plays an important role here.

Did you know that the skin of a woman is much thinner than that of a man? The high level of testosterone enables men to look better in their adulthood. However, that is only external appearance - men also experience the same changes. While ladies worry about their facial skin, gentlemen have serious concerns about losing their hair and deterioration of reproductive function. Woman start accumulating excessive weight on average by 10 years earlier than males. Social pressure on the image of a woman makes this topic even more trending. Therefore ladies take more care of themselves at all ages.

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