Anti-Aging for Men below 35

The human body reaches its highest peak prior to the age of 25. After reaching this borderline age, males must promptly commence work on retaining their muscle tone and mass, they must change their habits and lifestyles.

At the age between 25 and 35, the changes are slow and gradual:

  • Metabolism may decrease slightly;
  • A slight decline in muscle mass may occur;
  • Slight wrinkles appear in the facial expression;
  • The vertical line between eyebrows is visible at rest as well;
  • Occurrence of grey hair is possible.

At this age period attention should be focused on preventive Anti-Aging measures, including healthy food, appropriate physical load, avoidance of excessive UV radiation (especially - tan studios), smoking and alcohol abuse. This stage that is filled with strength and energy is the right moment to pick up the positive habit of taking care of your health, since the basic principles of healthy lifestyle must be observed throughout the life.