Anti-Aging for Men from 35 to 45

At the age of 35 to 45, the changes in the body of a man become more obvious and affect several areas.

At this age period:

  • The reduction in testosterone level starts (by ~ 1% per year);
  • Andropause is possible after the age of 40;
  • Bone density reduces;
  • Sweating increases;
  • Vision may deteriorate.

Regular health checks must become a part of a healthy life rhythm.

As metabolism slows down, the following can be frequently observed:

  • Changes in body weight;
  • Increase in the fatty tissue - especially in the abdominal area;
  • A decline in muscle mass.

At this period, the type and intensity of training and physical activities must be reviewed and adapted.

The traces of aging become more obvious:

  • Minor loss of hair and greying may occur;
  • The wrinkles of the facial expression become more pronounced;
  • Hair growth may occur in previously uncommon areas of the body (for instance, ears, nostrils, back, etc.)