EMFACE for face lifting and smooth skin



A real revolution in aesthetics - the most discussed facial procedure in the world!

Premium class device.

The only non-invasive face lifting in Latvia


We introduce you to a unique procedure in Latvia, available only at the Anti-Aging Institute! EMFACE is an innovative device from BTL - one of the leading manufacturers of medical technologies in the world. The purpose of the procedure is to provide a non-invasive, permanent lifting effect, to restore lost facial tone and skin smoothness, to visibly reduce wrinkles.

A cosmetologist and other medical professionals can perform the EMFACE procedure to strengthen the client's facial muscles and promote skin regeneration processes. This procedure is suitable for both women and men and guarantees a significant result without injections, plastic surgery and other radical means.


  • Face lifting - ~23% improvement
  • Lines and wrinkles are reduced by ~37%
  • Collagen synthesis improved by ~26%
  • 100% improved elastin synthesis
  • Improved facial muscle tone and facial tissue support
  • More expressive facial features and jaw line
  • Comfort: No pain, needles or manual procedures
  • Speed: procedure duration - 20 minutes
  • Course: 4 procedures
  • The procedure does not require a healing or recovery period

How does EMFACE work?

The EMFACE procedure is extremely comfortable and safe. At the beginning of the procedure, applicators that emit RF and HIFES™ pulses are attached to the target areas. During the procedure, facial muscle contraction and warmth are felt, which does not cause discomfort. The procedure with EMFACE does not affect daily routines and does not cause redness or swelling.


Areas of effect: entire face, forehead, eyebrow area, cheeks, jaw line


Procedure duration: 20 minutes on average

Duration of the course: the exact duration of the course of procedures is determined by a specialist. The average number of procedures during the course is 4 procedures. The beneficial effect of the procedure is visible already during the course of procedures, but the full effect can be observed on average within 6 weeks after the last procedure.

The result of the procedure lasts for at least a year. To maintain a permanent effect, it is recommended to perform the maintenance procedure 1-2 times a year.

The perfect combination
EMFACE procedures can be combined with other anti-aging procedures, incl. with Botox injections, filler injections, laser skin polishing, etc. It is recommended to carry out effect-adding procedures after a course of EMFACE procedures and evaluation of its results.


  • piercings or tattoos in the exposed area;
  • acne in the acute phase;
  • implants in the cheek or forehead area;
  • sunburn, wounds, skin inflammation, etc.;
  • diseases of the oral cavity;
  • pregnancy, lactation


  • Why choose Anti-Aging Institute?

Anti-Aging Institute is the official representative of BTL in Latvia. BTL produces top-class face and body aesthetics technologies: EMFACE, EMSCULPT, and EMSELLA. We are proud that we, as the only clinic in Latvia, can provide our clients with procedures using world-leading innovation technologies.

  • Why is it important to stimulate facial muscles?

The facial muscles are very important not only in an aesthetic sense, but also in a functional sense. These muscles allow us to express emotions, speak, smile and look natural. If the facial muscles are not sufficiently developed or are not used for a long time, various problems may occur, such as facial asymmetry, lack of expression, edema, and a sagging facial oval.
Stimulating the facial muscles improves blood circulation and lymphatic drainage in the facial area, which can improve facial tone and appearance. Regular facial muscle training can also help to reduce wrinkles and maintain facial skin elasticity and tone, in other words, facial muscle stimulation = face lifting.
How can facial muscle stimulation improve the oval of the face? It has been heard that some procedures for facial youth - on the contrary - are based on muscle relaxation!
Facial muscle stimulation technologies are an innovative direction in facial aesthetics. Strengthening some facial muscles produces the lifting effect of almost the entire face. Although Botox injections relax facial muscles, EMFACE and Botox treatments even complement each other! This is because they work on different muscle groups: EMFACE is designed to strengthen the face lifting muscles, while botulinum toxin relaxes the facial depressors (the muscles that "pull" the face down). In some cases, when too much botulinum toxin is injected into the anterior (forehead) muscle, it causes drooping of the eyebrows. In this case, the EMFACE procedure, by stimulating the frontal muscles, can help to "lift" the eyebrows.

  • Who is the EMFACE procedure suitable for?

The EMFACE procedure is suitable for everyone - both women and men.

  • Where are EMFACE applicators applied?

During the EMFACE procedure, three applicators are glued to the skin of the face: in the forehead and cheek area. The muscles responsible for lifting the face oval are stimulated.

  • Is the EMFACE procedure painful?

EMFACE procedure is completely non-invasive and painless, it is performed without anesthesia. You may feel a pleasant warmth due to the radiofrequency exposure, as well as contractions of certain facial muscle groups or a slight tingling sensation.

  • How is the EMFACE procedure performed?

At the beginning of the procedure, the face is disinfected and cleaned of cosmetics, oils, etc. Then, three disposable applicators are attached to certain areas of the face: one on the forehead and two on the cheeks. A grounding electrode is attached to the client's back. The procedure is performed by constantly adjusting its intensity according to the client's individual body sensations. The duration of the procedure is 20 minutes.

  • How many procedures are needed and how long will the results be visible?

The EMFACE course is an average of 4 procedures once a week. The results appear with a gradual improvement in the condition of the skin and facial muscles. It will be possible to evaluate a full-fledged result approximately 3 months after the course of procedures. The durability of the results depends on the individual characteristics of the body, lifestyle and other factors, but after a year it is recommended to perform the maintenance procedure.

  • Can the EMFACE procedure be performed if I have received Botox injections and/or plan to continue receiving them in the future?

Yes, the EMFACE procedure can be performed after filler and Botox injections, if the injection sites on the face have completely healed. Additional injections are recommended to be planned after a course of EMFACE procedures, when the oval of the face has been smoothed and it is possible to estimate how much preparation is needed


  • Electromagnetic stimulation and radio frequency with EMFACE (1 time) 400.00 €
  • Electromagnetic stimulation and radio frequency with EMFACE (4 times) 1500.00 €