BTL EMSella chair

Did you know that the small pelvis literally supports your health and well-being?

The organs in the small pelvic region (reproductive organs, bladder, rectum, prostate) are attached to the fascia and ligaments, and are also supported by the pelvic floor muscles that both obey the will and contract unconsciously. When the muscles and ligaments are not able to fully perform the supporting functions, a sagging of the small pelvic organs occurs, which in turn can cause gynecological, urological and proctological problems. The consequences of this condition can be very serious and, in cases not treated in time, can only be resolved through surgery. Conscious small pelvic floor muscle training (Kegel exercises, bio-feedback, etc.) is not always a simple and quick process. The solution is myostimulation of these muscles with the BTL EMSella chair - a convenient, effective procedure during which various small pelvic problems can be solved effortlessly and without discomfort while literally sitting on the chair.

BTL EMSella procedures may be appropriate if:

  • you suffer from urinary incontinence (for example, when sneezing, laughing, exercising, etc.) and frequent urination;
  • you have been diagnosed with erectile dysfunction (i.e. impotence);
  • you have been diagnosed with genital prolapse;
  • you notice changes during premenopause or menopause that affect your intimate well-being and comfort;
  • you have small pelvic circulatory problems, vaginal inflammation, dryness;
  • you have haemorrhoidal problems;
  • you notice a decrease in intimate pleasure;
  • you want to strengthen the pelvic floor proactively

EMSella chair procedures are especially valuable after childbirth to restore the pelvic floor muscle tone, avoid prolapse and urinary incontinence, and restore intimate pleasure and confidence. Small pelvic floor muscle myostimulation is also recommended for prophylactic purposes to avoid the above problems in the future.

No less valuable are EMSella procedures for men to restore erectile function.


How does the EMSella chair work?

The EMSella procedure is based on the electromagnetic pulses generated by the device, which cause the small pelvic floor muscles to contract without physical effort. One procedure is equivalent to ~ 10,000 accurate Kegel exercises.

During myostimulation, the patient sits in a comfortable garment (loose, soft cloth pants or skirt / dress) in the EMSella chair with maximum relief and follows their feelings and position. In terms of feelings, the EMSella procedure is similar to Kegel's exercises.

Duration of the course of procedures:

  • Depends on the problem to be solved, but on average these are 6 to 10 procedures. One procedure lasts 30 minutes.
  • Positive changes are observed after the 4th procedure and the result is maintained for an average of 6 to 12 months.

Why are additional procedures needed for small pelvic floor muscle training?

The modern sedentary lifestyle, as well as muscle hypertrophy and hypotrophy, reduces the unconscious movements that keep the muscles in tone without conscious training. In turn, the condition of ligaments and fascia is not subject to human will - it is affected by gravity, childbirth, hormonal changes and other factors. To improve the condition of the small pelvis without surgery, it is necessary to train its muscles. This can be done most effectively through precise, controlled procedures.



  • pregnancy;
  • heart problems;
  • lung failure;
  • haemorrhagic conditions;
  • anticoagulation therapy;
  • oncology;
  • fever;
  • pacemakers;
  • implanted defibrillators or neurostimulators;
  • metal implants;
  • medicine pumps;
  • electronic implants.