Bandaging and thermal blanket

Bandaging procedure is performed for the entire body or for local problem areas (legs, abdomen, thorax, hands, etc.).  This phase of complex procedure helps reducing cellulite, accumulation of excess fatty tissue, oedema, as a result of which the volume of the body reduces and the process of weight loss is accelerated.

Thermal blanket ensures homogeneous temperature throughout the entire body. The procedure improves metabolism, reduces cellulite and boosts the evacuation of the excess fluid from the body. Thermal blanket increases the effect of the active agents (gels) that are used.


Thermal blanket



  • The oedema is reduced;
  • Body weight and circumference are reduced;
  • Reduction of cellulite;
  • Improved skin tone.

Limitations for the performance of the procedure:

  • Pregnancy;
  • Cardiovascular diseases;
  • Acute dermatological diseases;
  • Fever, increased body temperature;
  • Oncological diseases.