Caring for mental health is just as important as taking care of the physical body – it is necessary to find the balance between the everyday rush and your inner self. Psychotherapy plays major role in the anti-aging field – the mental state directly affects a person’s health and physical well-being.

Psychotherapy helps to find motivation, understand your inner feelings and work through emotional experiences, stress and emotional burnout.




You need a consultation of a psychotherapist if you experience the following long-term issues:

  • Eating disorders, sleep disorders,
  • Inability to cope with changes (physical, emotional, everyday life),
  • Nervousness and anxiety, increased stress,
  • Problems in family/at work/with friends,
  • Strong emotional stress or experience (loss, health issues, etc.),
  • Unhealthy habits and addictions,
  • Depression.

Goals of physiotherapy:

  • To help to obtain self-consciousness – interaction of one’s emotions, character traits and actions with one’s own personality, health and surrounding people,
  • To help to regain control of one’s life, accept changes and loss,
  • To contribute to personal growth.

Ones attitude regarding the situation either helps to find the right solution or escalates the problem even further. An example of a client’s cooperation with a psychotherapist in the scope of anti-aging is the period of menopause/andropause. This age-related process causes various emotional and physical changes and can be considered as a symbolic period of self-reflection and analysis.


  • Counselling regarding mental health, healthy ageing (menopause, andropause, etc.), eating disorders,
  • Possible group lectures, coaching.